So, I’m realizing that a lot of technology is passing me by. Windows is advancing, and I’m still on Vista, and there are new devices, and programs, and operating systems out there that I can’t maneuver so well. The fact is, I’m getting older, and my information is becoming “outdated” and soon, my kids will have to show me how to run this, or that. Just like I did for my parents.

But I am realizing that they weren’t “out of touch” or “old,” in fact, they weren’t even lacking any intelligence.

They were smarter than me!

I have learned the value of a dollar, and instead of getting a new computer every 6 months, or even every year, I have been using mine for four years. And I’m reformatting it tonight, because something corrupted, but I am not quite ready to chunk it. I mean, why waste it if it’s still useable?

I’ve learned this about cars. Sure, new ones smell nice, but the hubs and I got a heck of a deal on our current vehicle. And we have NO payment. SCORE!

It is not always about having the newest, coolest stuff. Sometimes, sleeping well at night, and working a few less hours because the bills aren’t so many, are what is most important!

Please share your thoughts!

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