Every woman I know wants to be reassured that she is beautiful. I got to thinking about this while realizing that I know several women who have recently had babies. They are all struggling with post-baby body issues. Funny thing is, I think they look fabulous and I’m wishing that I looked just as great as them.

But they don’t think they look so great.

You know what else I’ve noticed, it doesn’t always mean that much when another lady things we look good. A girlfriend, sister, or mom can say something about how great we look and we are usually like, “yeah, thanks, you’re supposed to say that.” But, when our husbands tell us, or a trusted male friend even, the compliment has a much greater effect on us.

Have you ever seen a little girl glow after her daddy told her she is beautiful? I try to tell all of my kids something good about themselves regularly. And I tell my daughter she is beautiful often, but I think my words will only go so far. I think those are words she needs to hear from her daddy. As do all little girls.

See, I think a daddy has the opportunity to teach his daughter not only that she is beautiful, but what makes her beautiful. He can help her learn to act like a lady, he can encourage her to pursue the things that interest her and to live passionately. Sure, mom’s lead by example, and many little girl’s are a lot like their mom. But how her daddy treats her, and her momma, will forever shape how a little girl sees herself, and her ability to love and be loved.

It is sometimes scary thinking about how much of an impact we have on our kids. Occasionally, I don’t want quite this much responsibility. In fact, many days, I wish those little eyes watching me weren’t watching quite so closely. But they are, and we have the joy and job of teaching, leading, and growing this beautiful people, while learning and growing ourselves.


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