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He Smells Like a Stripper


My sweet baby boy is suffering with a dry skin issue. We’re not talking about a little “ashy” look from time to time. This boy is scaly like a lizard, peeling all over, and dry. I thought that delaying his newborn bath would prevent this as it did with our daughter, but I was wrong. His bath was delayed, and he still dried out. And he’s stayed that way for 3 months now.

The lovely ladies at our midwife clinic said to try some coconut oil.

But here’s the thing, I have learned that I am a skeptic first. Always. Whether western medicine or natural remedies. Madness, I say. It is all madness.

Sure, I’ve heard that coconut oil does everything, fixes everything, can be used to cook, you can eat it, hair loves it, skin loves it, it’s the magic make a rash disappear, must have it on hand, oil. Heck, put it in your coffee. Good fats. Good fats. Makes bug bites stop stinging/itching etc. I’ve heard so often “put some CO on/in it,” that I decided I would hold off getting any – for nearly the last two years. I mean, can it really be that amazing?

I’m even more skeptical of baby lotion, so I bought the CO as recommended.

I’m in love with a small jar of hard white (brown flecks are normal) jar of cold-pressed, organic, all natural, never refined, totally raw and chemical free coconut oil.
(Sorry honey) I have it at home. I have it at work. I use it on my lips instead of chapstick now. I use it on my hands. I cover the dried out baby boy from head to toe once or twice a day.

After one of these coverings, my sweet husband picked up our little linebacker, took one whiff, and looked me square in the eyes, “He smells like a stripper.”

Well there you have it folks. Coconut oil may cure what ails you, but you’re going to smell like a stripper if you cover yourself in it.

(As for the dry rash, I see improvement with application, but am also working on some dietary changes because it seems to be persisting. If I miss a rub down, he’s still awfully dry.)

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