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God is God

I have written and re-written this post in my head a hundred times, because I want to make sure it comes out right. I’m finally putting it on the page.

God is God. God is Sovereign and His ways are far superior to ours. And I think it is incredibly important that we ground our faith in Him and His supremacy, not in what He does or doesn’t do, what we want Him to do, or when He fulfills our wishes.

Sure, God helped David slay a giant.

He sent Jesus to reconcile us.

He loves us, and wants His best for us.

But we have seriously distorted what His best is. We want to define His best based on what we want, or think we need. But that’s not really how it’s supposed to be.

Maybe I have a scarcity mindset, but when I think of all of the stories of victory in the bible, I am always sharply reminded of Job. Job walked through a miserable time – he lost his health, wealth, and family. He was in utter ruins. And as he walked through that, he remembered that God is God. He didn’t know or understand why he had to walk through that and while not nearly to that degree of severity, many of the things I face, I don’t know why I’m facing them. Now, I know God didn’t do those things to Job, but He did allow those things to happen. I often think about the fact that the bible has several places that reference purity by fire (trial) like gold or silver are refined.

Oh my soul…how many times I’ve melted in the fire and come out on the other side having given up on God. Be patient with me Lord, please.

I do know that God is God. I am His, made in His image. He chose to create me, and breathe life into me, and that amazes me every day. He has blessed me with many good gifts. I’ve walked through times where I wasn’t getting what I wanted, I wasn’t where I wanted, things weren’t happening where I wanted, but through it all, God is God.


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