Then and Now

A few years ago, I got an interesting job. In a matter of months I went from bartender to office manager at a country club in the Middle of Nowhere, Oklahoma. It was never an easy job, but it was at times a fun job. Many stressful things were thrown at me while I was there, and they were usually thrown at top speed. Sometimes, that place was just plain nuts.

I learned something new every day to be able to do my job, to be able to help my staff with their jobs, and to keep the place functioning. We were running with a skeleton crew – a golf course, pro shop, restaurant, office, weddings, etc. There were never enough hours in the day. In fact, there were many occasions where I would pick my kids up from day care, only to go back to work and work until we closed for the night.

Sun up, to sun down, repeat the next day.

The hours, the style of work, the go-go-go nature of things at the country club were right up my alley. The challenges, the things I was forced to learn to get the job done, all of it. I would get so wound up with a new challenge that I could hardly sleep until I conquered the problem. I also thought it was just a paycheck. I could only see my right then. I had no idea what my future held (we never really do though, do we?) and I believed that God was providing the groceries, the trip to see my parents, and a few other freedoms, for a single mom of two boys.

I had no idea.

What I know now is, God was teaching me. He was teaching me to solve problems, to sleep the night before, to take a deep breath. To go-go-go when it’s time to, and to slow down when I need to. He was teaching me how to use Quickbooks, how to handle irate customers, how to collect past due accounts, how to fight and not give up. He was teaching me how to order supplies, plan ahead, handle last minute emergencies, and answer the phone while searching the internet for parts, pieces, or how-to videos.

God was teaching me how to run a business, so that later, I could help my husband fulfill his dreams – a husband I didn’t know I’d have. A man I hadn’t met. But God was preparing me.

And here I thought He was just providing a paycheck…


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