Loaded Ford F650 Flatbed

From the Beginning

(This is a three part series about our success and struggle owning our own business, and our plea for a little help to get things ironed back out. See Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.If you can help, with even a prayer and a share,go to our GoFundMe page here: gofundme.com/u2wzu8)

Let me start from the beginning, because this is a story I so dearly love. Walker’s Roadside was started in July 2013 by my husband and I, to provide for our family and provide a valuable service to our community. We wanted to teach our kids about running a business, helping others, and being there for each other. We homeschool, and this place is our bread and butter.

Our hope for our business was to provide dependable towing and roadside assistance, and to always deal honestly with our community – whether our customers or our eventual staff. I believe we have done just that each and every day.

We started with our Expedition – one little service truck that we drove all over Oklahoma. We changed tires, jump started dead batteries, unlocked cars, and delivered fuel. We’ve met some amazing people every day along the way. That truck, and a lot of hard work, worked us into our first tow truck. Gah, she was a beauty. Brought her home at the beginning of November 2013, and started towing in December. Husband and wife, we were on the road every day – he handled the towing, and I ran service calls.

The house was a gigantic mess! We had stacks and stacks of business stuff piling up around the house, and we were working our tails off and trying to keep our (at the time) 5 kids out of the mess. They rode like champs around the state with me while I helped with service calls. Our little dream was taking off and we couldn’t believe it!

In January, my husband found another tow truck to add to our fleet. A little F450 self loader, in New Mexico. Off to New Mexico I went, while my sweetheart held down the fort. I took a couple of kiddos, a couple of kiddos went off with their bio-parent, and it was a great trip. I got to visit a dear cousin of mine, go on a trail ride, and bring home our new truck.

February saw that truck in service, and in April, you guessed it. My sweet husband found another truck that we had to have! It didn’t take much and we brought home our F550 Conventional. She was a hard working truck, would pick up anything we put behind her, and ran smooth. Things were growing faster than we expected, the phone was ringing off the hook, and our enthusiasm seemed unending.

That’s not the end of the story, and as a matter of fact, we’re facing a hiccup. You can read more in part 2 and part 3, or you can visit this link.

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