When the Law of the Land Changes

I’ve thought and thought about this post since I first read about Kim Davis denying marriage licenses for same sex marriages. I don’t believe we should ever spew or spread hatred for any person, and I didn’t want to do so with what I have to say. But I feel compelled to write about my sister in Christ, and her choice to stand up for what is right.

God doesn’t change. Man changes, but God is constant.

I know of another time that man changed the laws of the land, but God did not change. And a man who loved and worshiped God broke the new law of the land to continue to honor God.

Read all about it in Daniel 6.

See, Daniel loved God, and he worked really hard, and his integrity and hard work were noticed. The king noticed and highly regarded Daniel. Yet, the men that worked alongside Daniel grew bitter about his favored position and the standard he set with his hard work and integrity. These men went before the king and stroked his ego and convinced him to change the law of the land – making prayer to anyone other than the king himself an illegal act. Anyone caught praying to someone other than the king was to be put to death.

Daniel didn’t go looking for trouble. He didn’t go to the satraps front yard and throw stones at their front door and then pray loudly in their front yard to make a scene. He didn’t leave the land or go find a new job. He didn’t leave the king’s service. The satraps caught him in prayer to God, however. Immediately they told the king. Now, I have to admit, I don’t think the king ever considered that Daniel would be caught in this trap, as he resisted throwing Daniel in the lions’ den, but in the end, the new law prevailed, and the king had him tossed in.

Our faithful God, who never changes, spared Daniel’s life. The law was reversed, the satraps faced the lions’ den, and God’s servant resumed his duty and was glorified through the story.

I can’t stop thinking about this story and how it relates to Kim Davis. She met Christ and her life was transformed. Our God is graceful and sent Jesus to redeem and restore.

Kim didn’t throw a hate party, write hate letters, or spew nasty condemnations. She didn’t claim to have been perfect, or infallible. She did, however, recognize sin and she chose God over signing her name to condone someone else’s sin. The law of the land changed, but our God is still the same.

I am thankful that Kim took a stand against sin, and I’m sorry she spent time in jail for it. I pray that as we face more battles where we have to stand against sin, that God would raise up the Daniels, Shadrachs, Meshachs, Abednegos, Pauls, Peters, and Johns of this generation. I pray that we would keep hate far from our lips, keep our eyes on the prize, and adhere to the truth. I pray that we would abide in Christ and remember that He set a high standard for how we should live. The path is narrow, and those who enter the gate will be few.

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