I saw this beautiful photo about the highest calling a man can have is the calling to be a father. It really got me to thinking about our perspective on the world. If we think of our day in and day out as being a calling God placed on our life, how much more will we value each moment?

If I’m not just sitting at a desk to earn a paycheck, but rather because I’ve been called to this moment, this place, this space because God sees something in me that can be used here, does it make the “daily grind” easier to endure?

If, when my kids wake me up a bit too early, I consider the rearing of them a calling, will I be more inclined to deal with them gently? Will recognizing that God called me to mother cause me do so more passionately?

If we recognize and accept that we aren’t in this time or place by accident or mistake, how can we use each moment to live a life that honors God? Take some time this week to seek God and ask Him to show you His calling and His purpose for the places He has carried you.

How would viewing your current station in life as a calling change the way you face your days?

Please share your thoughts!

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