The Parking Space

Over the weekend I got to follow Helen and Lisa on an adventure to celebrate a memorable occasion in Lisa’s life. While Helen desired to be the supportive friend she’d always been, her heartache was tangible as she struggled with the perils in her own life – perils that seemed smaller once she was on vacation.

Being alone never bothered Helen, so she planned to spend her vacation holed up where she could enjoy the spectacular view and the peace and quiet of solitude. Her plans were wrecked by an unexpected encounter and she had to make a choice between spending her time to herself or sharing it with someone else.

Follow Helen as she wishes her best friend well on her new chapter in life and is faced with deciding whether or not to open herself to a new romance, the possibility of love, and the fear of trusting someone new. Get your copy of The Parking Space by Angela Christina Archer today.

The Parking Space

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