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Things I Don’t Regret from 2017

I found this writing prompt, and I thought…whoa! I need to document some things I don’t regret from 2017, because our year is ended rough.

I don’t regret my word – steadfast. In fact, 2017 demanded just that from me – that I be steadfast, on a nearly daily basis. And I’m better for it today, on Dec. 31, 2017.

I don’t regret the way I can see the faithful hand of God working through my life, through the good and bad, in 2017. He revealed Himself to me profoundly, and His grace is evident. Even now, as I write this, in the midst of chaos and even fear, I can clearly see His hand at work in our lives.

My sweet husband and I are closer now than I think we’ve ever been, and I don’t regret that. I haven’t always liked the obstacles, the trials, or the hurts, but the treasure is worth it. He is my best friend, and I know him a little better on Dec. 31st than I did on Jan. 1st.

I do not regret seeing Yellowstone National Park, or making it to our family reunion (finally) this year! What a great time we had spending time with everyone. And sweet Mr. A got to spend the majority of his summer in Wyoming.

I don’t regret rerouting my trip to pick Mr. A up and going to Colorado instead of South Dakota. It was a beautiful trip and it reminded me that I work well in a pickle…and that my sister and I are a great team.

I don’t regret moving to the country. I don’t regret having my horse in my backyard, getting goats and chickens, and starting fodder. In fact, I quite love it here. This home is a haven for me, a place to weather a few storms, and I am grateful that God allowed us to move out here.

I don’t regret joining a fall bowling league with Mr. W again – even though I said I wouldn’t. Truth is, I kind of like bowling with him.

I don’t regret all of the birthdays we celebrated, or how much my kids have grown. I don’t regret the time spent together as a family, or the time spent with extended family. I don’t regret waking up the same man every morning, with the same rotten toddlers wedged between us. (Although I do regret buying a bigger bed!)

Writing this was good for my soul. I needed to be reminded of the things I don’t regret from 2017 before I start 2018.

Tell me, dear readers, what don’t you regret from 2017?


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