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When the Toppings Came Off

Today I took my sweet oldest daughter, youngest son, and baby daughter for a treat – we got special snow cones on the way home. These snow cones are like, the best ever. So I’ve been finding excuses to take the little kids while the big kids are at different activities.

Today, my daughter wanted “Ana” flavored snow, and she said it should be pink and red. The kind woman helping us obliged and got R her snow cone. While eating her first few bites, R was twirling about and telling two other little girls about the “Ana” flavored treat. The twirling ended in disappointment when her toppings came off – a cheesecake cube and strawberry slice. Splat!

Often, this is where we cue the crazy mom, who is embarrassed by the mess, and frantically trying to clean it up, all while chastising the once twirling girl. But not today. This other woman showed up, one who grabbed napkins and said, calmly, “See how easy this is to clean up? Let’s not leave our mess behind.” This other, more mature, woman – who surprised me because I don’t channel her often enough, knew that messes can be cleaned up. But broken hearts hurt for a while. She knew that the disappointment of losing toppings is enough to stop most any girl from twirling with her treat again. She knew this was one of those BIG moments – where she could either be there for her daughter and help her daughter solve the problem, or she could push her daughter away and burn a bridge, forever losing a piece of connection.

The messes clean up, Moms. The broken things can be repaired, replaced, or are often forgotten. But tender hearts hurt for a long time when someone we love is unkind, condemning, and mean. Today, I want to make an effort to pave the way for this more mature momma to show up, for her to take the lead, for her to love on kids that make mistakes, and help them solve problems, rather than making them feel like they are a problem.

I drop, break, spill, and otherwise damage things. Sometimes it’s carelessness, oversight, or truly just an accident, but regardless, I clean up the mess, make amends, and go on about my business. I want to help my kids clean up messes they make or messes they see, and go on – not being stuck there feeling like they are the mess.

Until next time,
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A Prayer to Share:

Dear God,
Please cover my mouth, open my ears, and help me see the hearts I’m leading the way You see them. Help me guide them with grace, patience, and gentle lessons. Help me to connect before I correct. Help me show them they can trust me when the toppings come off, when the messes are made, when things are broken. Thank You for giving me these precious little people to lead and teach.
In Jesus’ Name,

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