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Recipe: Meatloaf

This delicious meal fills the bellies and is kind of comfort food around here. We love meatloaf dinner – and the subsequent meatloaf sandwiches for lunch.

Because my meatloaf has grown over the years to accommodate the size of my family, I now cook it in a cupcake pan. Each little spot is a serving of meatloaf, and they can be sliced the next day to make sandwich medallions. This works well, and saves me time, as loafing it together was taking nearly 3 hours to cook.

3lb. Ground Beef
2lb. Jimmy Dean Country Mild Sausage
1 box/2 packages Lipton Onion Soup Mix
3-4 eggs (We raise our own chickens/eggs, so if they are small, I go for 4, if they are large, I only use 3.)

I like to set my meat out about 30 minutes before I mix it all up because my hands really get to hurting from how cold it is straight from the fridge. I don’t let it sit out longer than 30 minutes for safety reasons.

Get all of your bowls, utensils, cupcake pan (or meatloaf pan), ready to go. This process is easiest if you aren’t running to the sink to wash your hands at every turn in the recipe.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

In a small mixing bowl, whisk eggs together briskly, add in onion soup packets, and whisk until mixed thoroughly.

In a large mixing bowl, with clean or gloved hands (remove all jewelry), break apart the ground beef. Next, break apart the sausage over the ground beef. Begin mixing it all together with your hands, making sure to blend it very well.

I’m silly, but I like to make a big hole in the middle of my meat mix, to pour the egg/soup mix into. Then, with my hands, I mix the eggs/soup mix thoroughly with the meat. Sometimes I have to give my hands a rest or warm them under the faucet. (My hands are very cold sensitive.)

Now, I take this mix and I start filling cupcake holes. I fill them level or even slightly mounded. I use a 24 count cupcake pan, and this recipe fills all 24 nicely.

Then I pop it in the oven. I start checking them at 30 min with a meat thermometer. Once they reach 165 degrees, I know they are ready to eat!

I hope this makes dinner simple for you and that your family enjoys the rich flavor of our favorite meatloaf.



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