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Winning During Lockdown

We Go On Camp NaNo WIN

I almost always believe in making the most of every situation. So for my coronavirus lockdown, I decided to delete social media and write a novel. I did it, too. My original goal was 40,000 words but I’ve clocked in at 76,000 words. I am beyond excited about this accomplishment. I’m also totally doubting my work as I go through the process of editing, revising, and preparing it for publishing.

Not really writing-related, but hope is always relevant so I want to share it with you. I’ve been so encouraged by the midweek messages that Life.Church has been broadcasting every Wednesday. Find those messages on YouTube, and if you didn’t know, you can catch Church Online at at many different times throughout the week.

So, I want to hear about your COVID-19 wins. What have you set out to accomplish in this strange time? Are you making sure to take care of yourself during this time?

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