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Beautiful Things

Presentation is not my strong suit – it never has been. I remember my mom talking about how presentation affected meals served in restaurants and why half the battle of goodsalmon-518032_640 service and happy customers was delivering a plate that LOOKED appetizing. The food could actually be subpar, but if that initial, visual impression was appeal, their mouth would water and they would typically enjoy what they were eating. This works in reverse too – deliver a stellar bit of lunch, presented poorly, and the customer was not likely to enjoy it.

Not too long ago, I saw something in an article about an old building. I can’t remember what building, but the article detailed the years it took to build it, and then, even longer than building it were the years spent making it beautiful. It was an expensive project for the times, and the details seemed almost infinite. I scoffed, thinking to myself what a waste of time and energy! Think of all the problems that could be solved with that time and effort. wadi-rum-5079834_640

I have no idea why that came back to mind, other than the Holy Spirit wanting to reveal to me that our Father loves beautiful things. He makes beautiful things. All of creation is intricately designed, infinitely detailed, and beautiful. If our God enjoys beautiful things enough to craft such an expansive, diverse Earth for us, then is our crafting of beautiful things just a reflection of us being made in His image?


Does that mean that taking the time to present something we’ve created in the most beautiful way is honoring to Him?

My thoughts didn’t come to a screeching halt here. Instead, I was reminded of the intricate details God gave Noah for the Ark. I often think of those details as life-saving details as that ship had to withstand the worst possible conditions. However, I always imagine the Ark as being beautiful, too. The work of skilled, patient hands.

What about the Temple and the Ark of the Covenant? The plans and details God gave for chrysanthemum-202483_640building those things no longer looks like a detailed list of B.O.R.I.N.G., now I see them as an invitation to participate in creating things that are beautiful and intricate. They reveal to me that our God is all about details, that maybe He even enjoys the details.


If you knew that God cared about presentation and was personally inviting you to participate in creating beautiful things, how would that change the way you approach the things you do?


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