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Am I an Imposter?

Is this really what I’ve been called to do? Do you see their work? Or theirs?

Doubt – it creeps into the mind at every turn, often a deceitful ploy of the enemy, trying to pull us away from what God has for us. I think it is also, often, this doubt that plagues us and drives us to try to achieve perfection in our creating, working, building, home life, and more.

Maybe, if I got this just right, I wouldn’t feel so out of place, I wouldn’t feel so inadequate, I wouldn’t feel so… less.

But chasing perfection is like chasing a tail that’s too short to catch, and even if you did catch it, you’d be in quite the predicament. Perfection is… fool’s gold.

If God sent you a letter in the mail, with the calling you feel in your heart, spelled out in detail, how often would you have to read it to believe Him? How often does He have to whisper to you that He did, in fact, call you to this purpose?

When He feels far, and doubt is overwhelming, do you ask Him to remind you? Or do you let the plague of doubt consume you and silence you?

Today, I invite you to accept that you belong. Not because that guy said so, or because that girl welcomed you, or because their work looks anything like your work. Today, I invite you to look ahead to the finish line presented for your race, and your race alone. No one can cross that banner except for you. Don’t get too distracted trying to see the end, though. You have too much to do between now and then.20200517_074935.jpg

Today, I invite you to declare aloud, on your mirror, in your journal, on your social wall that you are called and you are equipped by the Most High. Today, I invite you to declare that you belong.

Until next time,
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