WWW: Write the Word Wednesday

20200527_090304.jpgI’m so glad you’ve joined me this morning. I hope you’ll grab a notebook and a pen and do this exercise with me. I learned some years ago that writing the Word is incredible for my peace, my prayers, and my memory of scripture. I will occasionally write long passages, but for this exercise, we’ll just do one to three verses each week.

I hope you’ll make Write the Word Wednesday part of your weekly routine.

Funny side note: see this journal I’m using? I bought it for my husband because one day, while shopping, I thought he would dive into reading a couple books together and journaling. This was spontaneous on my part, and totally isn’t his personality. His life goals do not include adding journals of his own to my overflowing bookshelves. 20200527_090328.jpg

I thought I needed a pretty journal to start posting this online, as opposed to my plain-jane ringed notebook. I grabbed this lovely, soft, leathery blue one and I was going to ask him if I could use it (to be polite, cause let’s face it, he doesn’t even remember I bought it for him). I opened it and discovered I’d already used it. I was laughing. I’m also learning to be less wasteful so instead of getting a new journal, I just clipped the used pages together and started on the first fresh page. 1590588164107.png


You can find me on IG (@reginawalkerauthor) or FB ( to share pictures of your Write the Word Wednesday. I am using #writethewordwednesday on IG.



Until next time,

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