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You Met Her WHERE?! by Kevin and Stephanie Mason

This is an incredibly powerful story of victory in Jesus. At times it seems the deck was stacked against the Mason family. They write their story in a captivating way.

I actually set out to read this book over the course of ten-ish days. But I was hooked immediately and read it in two days. If I hadn’t been chasing kids and puppies and horses and kitties and chickens and laundry and dishes and…and…and… all over, I would have finished the day I started. I didn’t want to put it down.

The writing is very active and fast paced, the narrative is at times hilarious, and at times made my heart squeeze and tears trickle down my face. (Definitely read with tissues nearby and do not try to read between sips of tea/soda/water or you may spit it everywhere. Pause to drink, p a u s e to drink.)

My favorite thing about this whole book was how they really showed their individual struggles, together struggles, and while their lows seemed insurmountable, they always pointed to Christ and put one foot in front of the other.

I give this book 5-stars and highly recommend that you read it for yourself.

Get your copy today on their website or on Amazon.

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