Tasks That Let My Mind Wander

Have you ever found that when your hands get busy doing a task you know well, your mind goes into a thinking zone unlike any other?

I’m talking, tasks that may require some motivation, but not much thought once you start. I don’t really think about the dishes when I’m doing them. Or the washing, drying, or folding of laundry. Another task that my hands do that my brain doesn’t think much about is crocheting.1864716_S.jpg

Typing can be a trance-like activity for me, too. My brain thinks rapid-fire thoughts and my fingers can fly across the keyboard without much assistance. In fact, when I’m not feeling inspired to write, I will often close my eyes and set a five-minute timer. I just type all the thoughts that come to me. This post isn’t really supposed to be about that zone though.

This is about the way my mind processes the day’s events when I’m washing dishes or folding clothes or crocheting. Do you have any tasks that busy your hands and free your mind?

It is often during these tasks that I am able to process hard emotions – things throughout the day that may have hurt my feelings, or taught me something. Sometimes I’m 2569516_S.jpgtransported to the past and I am able to unpack a little piece of something that made me who I am. Or I am able to really imagine the story I’m writing for my next novel, and I’m able to investigate that world so I can better describe it on paper.

This isn’t the end of where my mind goes. Often, I find myself praying during these times. I am not good at postured prayer – where I kneel and pray for extended times. In fact, I tend to shy away from that style of prayer. And prayers at bedtime are often interrupted by slumber (which often reminds me of the disciples sleeping in the garden when Jesus asked them to pray). But praying while I wash dishes? I got that!

Praying while I fold clothes? Come sit with me, Jesus.

Praying while I crochet? Guarantee that every piece I’ve crocheted has been covered in prayer for the recipient, and been soaked in the presence of the Spirit as I invite Him in 1591238060809.pngand pour out my heart.

This, for me, is living out the call to pray continually. To commune with the Father through the Spirit every moment of every day. Now, don’t let me mislead you, I don’t pray continually yet. I do look for ways to bring my thoughts ever closer to the Father and to always be remembering the price Christ paid for my heart as I view the world and the people around me and remember that He paid that very, very high price for them, too.

Until next time,

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