Author Interview: Ronald Grasmick

Hey Ron! I’m so glad you are taking a little time out of your day to hang out with me. Let’s start with a few easy questions.

When you are writing, what are you drinking? Normally water, sometimes tea or soda.

Do you have any pets? Three cats. An orange tabby named Yoda. Grey tabby named Leia and a Siamese named Luke.

Beach or mountains? Both

PC or Mac? PC hands down.

What was the last book you read? Ads for Authors Who Hate Math by Chris Fox

Now, let’s get into some more detail!

What author(s) has/have really influenced you? I’d have to say Isaac Asimov and Ray Bradbury. I haven’t read a lot recently, but when I was younger those were the books I would pick up first.

When did you start writing? I’m a late bloomer, I began at about 50.

Why do you write? I started because of a dream I had which reoccurred about once a month until I decided to write the dream down, strange but true. Since the dream was about sacrificing my daughter in, I decided to use it to write a book about God’s sacrifice and nature using the dream. So I had the ending before I wrote anything and had to write the book to fit the end. It’s gone on from there.

What does your family think of your writing? While none of them has read anything I’ve written, yet. But they tell me they are proud that I’ve tried, completed the drafts, and published one.

How did you come up with the title for your book? One of the primary character’s name is Edward and the theme of the book is based on a misunderstanding, after doing a synonym search for misunderstanding, Folly came up. Edward’s Folly.

Promotional GraphicShare an excerpt from Edward’s Folly, please!

Here are the first few paragraphs of Edward’s Folly:

As the car rolls to a stop, Jean asks, “What’s wrong, Edward?”

I try starting the car again but it won’t run. I turn and tell her, “I don’t know, it just stopped running.”

My wife looks worried. “We still need to find the ranch and Kaitlyn is tired and fussy. Do you think you can get it running again?” Her eyes search mine.

“I don’t know that either. I’ll take a look, but I don’t have a clue how to work on the car.”

As I prepare to get out, a thought crosses my mind: I wish Dad would have helped me learn how some of this stuff works instead of waiting for me to be interested in something other than computers.

“Do you think we’re close to the ranch, close enough to walk there?” Jean asks.

I peer through the windshield, my eyes searching. “I think it’s around here somewhere—but I don’t know that either, the address doesn’t show up on the map.”

“Maybe someone in that repair shop will help us.” Jean points to the sign to the right of the road.

I look at the sign and sigh, defeated. “We don’t have much cash left on us and I’m sure they won’t do it for free—and that would tap into what we held back for major repairs on the ranch.”

“Then maybe there’s a church close by that will help us.”

No,” I say emphatically. “The church wouldn’t help us when we needed it before. Why would one in this town be any different?” I struggle to control the anger in my voice.

Frustrated and scared, Jean asks, “Then what are we going to do, Ed?”

Sitting behind the wheel, out of ideas, trying hard not to succumb to my fear of failing again, with Kaitlyn crying to get out of the car seat, I feel as if I’m at rock bottom. “I guess we’ll have to try the repair shop.”

How does your faith influence your writing? I believe God is the unquestionable creator of everything, the Bible is His inspired word and Jesus, my Lord and Savior, is His Son. The Bible tells us God created the heavens and the Earth and us to rule the Earth. It also states that we are the only people that God created in His image. I will not limit my God though because nothing is impossible for Him.

I’ve always been fascinated by the possibilities of science fiction. So with that I wondered, what if God did create other people that are different from us. What would they be like? Would we meet them? Would they know of God or Jesus? How would an alien race react to the knowledge of God, His love and Jesus’ sacrifice? How might God use such an event for His glory? How would He use them and other possibilities that some would, and should, question?

I try to focus on God’s nature, in Edward’s Folly it was restoration of the flock and family and is the only one without science fiction of some kind. I have science fiction drafts that deal with sacrifice, family restoration, spreading the word of God, starting a church, vengeance, What If Jesus arrived three thousand years later on another planet, and I just recently co-published a short story called Waiting which deals with waiting on God.

What do you hope readers gain from your stories? Simply a better understanding of God’s nature. If only one person gets something out of it that helps them, I’ve won for God.


Ronald Grasmick, has been an automotive repair technician for twenty-five plus years. RonHe now helps others understand and deal with their auto repair issues, allowing him to learn more about the varying nature of people. Ron writes reports in his current job and with that knowledge, makes use of his personal experiences to write about God’s nature. In his stories, he creates realistic scenarios as a way of showing relatable struggles and growth in the hope that you will learn about God’s nature. In turn, that will help you learn to trust God in your life.

Ron has a blended family, which has changed his life and created challenges. Having successfully raised four children, he and his wife are currently empty nesters. His experience and knowledge of automobiles led to an interest in aircraft. Learning how they fly, then building and flying remote control models. His interest continues with learning about flying in space and understanding the universe itself. The great expanse of space and life has led him to not limit God.

Where can we find you online?

Thank you for spending time with me today! It’s been a pleasure having you on the blog and getting this interview with you. Do you have any final words for our readers?

Never limit God, he can do more than you realize and cares for your wellbeing more than anything else. Always ask, What If?

Please share your thoughts!

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