Author Interview: Robert Goluba

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Hey Robert! I’m so glad you are taking a little time out of your day to RobertGoluba-IMG_4937-retouch-600pxhang out with me. Let’s start with a few easy questions.

What do you drink when you’re writing? I drink coffee. Lots of black coffee!

Do you have any pets? Yes, I have Doberman named Sadie. She’s 8 years old and is the sweetest dog ever.

Beach or mountains? Both. My favorite places on earth are where mountains and beaches collide like in Central Coast in California and the Pacific Northwest.

PC or Mac? PC

What was the last book you read? I recently read The Persian Gamble by Joel C. Rosenberg

What author(s) has/have really influenced you? I am most influenced by Terri Blackstock and Joel C. Rosenberg.  I appreciate the way they weave faith into their characters in a genuine way and still tell a suspenseful story.

What does your family think of your writing? My wife is very supportive and is one of my beta readers.  She does not go easy on me and that helps me continue to improve the final story I publish.  My teenage daughters think it’s pretty cool that their dad has a few books for sale on Amazon, but that’s about all I can get from them at this age.

How does your faith influence your writing? It’s the reason I write. My first book is a collection of Bible parables I retold as modern short stories because all of these feelings were bursting inside me after I was baptized in my upper thirties. I transitioned to traditional Christian Suspense, but the drive to write is still based on my growing journey in faith and the stories that help share my perspective on Christian life.

Some questions about your book:

How did you come up with the title for your book (and what is the title)? My book title is Inviting Danger. I felt it was both descriptive of the Christian Suspense plot and catchy enough to cause somebody to want to know more about the book.

How quickly did you connect with your MC? It took some time and I don’t think I really appreciated my MC until I read the entire first draft. That’s when I saw the beauty of his admirable mission, his character arc and then my connection was rock solid with the MC.

Did any part of this story make you cry while you were writing it? A tear of joy may have snuck out when I was writing about the redemption that is possible if people are just given a chance and not judged so quickly.

What part of writing this book did you struggle with? I struggled with how to allow a prisoner serving time for a heinous crime to live in the same house with a family with two children under the age of ten. I had to make something that most parents would never even consider seem realistic and plausible.

What part of writing this book did you celebrate the most? I celebrate that I wrote a suspenseful and entertaining story on a rare topic in Christian Fiction: Prison Reform. It started as a topic to tell a compelling story, but my knowledge and interest in prison reform grew throughout the story and I hope the reader can feel my growth.

When a reader closes the book at the end, what do you hope to leave them with? I hope that they’ll see that faith, second chances and belief in others can lead to unbelievable acts of redemption. I also hope they’ll want to read more of the Dangerous Redemption Collection featuring similar stories.

Here’s the blurb for Inviting Danger:

InvitingDanger_CVRA maximum-security inmate. A young family. Under one roof.

Corrections officer Rey Mendoza’s decades-old dream of systemic prison reform appears to be within reach when he accepts a new position. He’ll not only better provide for his son’s special needs, but also carry forward his father’s failed mission.

It’s a grave miscalculation.

His ideal job requires hosting an unwelcome house guest — an inmate from a maximum-security prison.

As a former prison guard, Rey can handle the imminent threat, but can his wife and two young children survive under the same roof?

Rey hangs on tight to his mission for inmate reform only to see it slip further away. His once-promising dream becomes a nightmare.

If he can’t find a solution, fast, Rey must abandon everything he’s worked for to protect his family from the danger he invited into their home.

Inviting Danger is book 1 in the Dangerous Redemption Collection from author Robert Goluba.  Book 2, Last Second Chance, is also available.

Follow this link to purchase Inviting Danger today


Robert Goluba is an author of Christian Suspense. He was born and raised in Central Illinois, where he attended college, served in the Army National Guard, and met his wife. At age thirty, after a self-diagnosed allergy to snow, he moved to sunny Arizona where he now lives with his wonderful wife, two kids, and canine companion.

He’s published two books in the Dangerous Redemption Christian Suspense Collection, Inviting Danger (Book 1), and Last Second Chance (Book2), as well as a collection of short stories based on Bible parables called Hope Refreshed. Robert is currently working on Early Warning, the third book in the Dangerous Redemption Collection.

Where can we find you online?

My website is

Thank you for spending time with me today! It’s been a pleasure having you on the blog and getting to do this interview with you. Do you have any final words for our readers? I appreciate every book purchased and page read by my readers. I love to get feedback on my stories, good and bad, from readers to help me provide the best books possible for them.

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