Author Interview: K. Leah

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Welcome K. Leah! I’m so glad you are taking a little time out of your day to hang out with me. Let’s start with a few easy questions.

What do you drink when you’re writing? 

Mainly water or sweet tea with lemon. Sometimes on a cold day, I might have a cup of coffee. I’m not a big snacker when I’m writing. 

Do you have any pets?

Yes! I have 2 dogs… a Beagle named Buster and a Lab/Pointer mix named Max. 

Beach or mountains?

Beach. Hands-down. My favorite place in the whole world. 

PC or Mac?

Mac. Once you go Mac you never go back. 

What was the last book you read?

Memories of You by Jess Mastorakos

What author(s) has/have really influenced you?

I was never a reader growing up, so I don’t have any influential writers that inspired me to begin writing. However, I have a group of authors that have become great friends. We encourage one another, laugh together, write together, and these ladies have helped me grow so much as an author. Hannah Jo Abbott, Mandi Blake, Tara Grace Ericson, Jess Mastorakos, and Elizabeth Maddrey are my tribe and they all have WONDERFUL books too! 

What does your family think of your writing?

I didn’t tell anyone that I was writing a book for years. It was a secret because I never planned to do anything with it. One day at work, I spilled the beans to a friend and she begged me to let her read the book. After that, she kept encouraging me to publish, so I knew then I would have to tell people. I was so nervous. When I sprang it on my husband, he was quite shocked! Lol! But once it sank in, he was excited about this new journey and he’s always telling people about my books. My daughter has even read one of my books and getting ready to start another. 

How does your faith influence your writing?

When I first started reading regularly, it was hard to find clean romance books. That’s when I decided to write one. I wanted something that I knew my teenage daughter or my grandmother could read. My faith is my foundation and it was important that it be reflected in my stories as well. It’s my hope that I can show the love of God to my readers through characters and the circumstances they face or endure. 

How did you come up with the title for your book (and what is the title)?

The title for A Half Made Whole came to me pretty quickly. This story is about 2 broken characters who are on a journey to become whole again. 

How quickly did you connect with your MC?

This story is a dual point of view from the main female and male characters. The story is loosely based on real people and real-life events, so I connected with the characters easily. It was crazy how fast their story came to life. 

Did any part of this story make you cry while you were writing it?

YES! Oh my goodness. Parts of this story broke my heart. I was so emotional writing this book and my heart was so heavy for these characters. Some of the situations they are faced with no one should have to experience. 

What part of writing this book did you struggle with?

Originally, a chunk of this story was different. One of the secondary characters was someone that I didn’t really want and I struggled with whether or not it was a good fit. I had long conversations with my editor about it and she really encouraged me to go a different direction. I’m so glad I did! It made the story so much better and even set up the book for another story and with that blossomed the series, Finding Home. 

What part of writing this book did you celebrate the most?

The entire book is a journey of healing, so there are little things throughout the story that are celebrations. But the ending is my favorite part, I think because the characters seem to never fully believe in what’s right in front of them all along. 

When a reader reaches the end of your book, what do you hope you’ve left them with?

A Half Made Whole is a story of healing. It’s about believing in yourself, relying on friends and family for help, and knowing that God can fulfill even the parts of us that we think will always be broken. 

The series title this book is from is called Finding Home. I chose this name because the underlying theme with each book is finding home wherever you are. It’s not about a place but about the people you are with. 

Each book can be read as standalone, but it’s recommended to read in order because of character references from the first book. 3-Book-K Leah

A Half Made Whole – Book 1

When I Found You – Book 2

Where the Heart Is – Prequel Novella (coming soon!)

Blurb from A Half Made Whole

Two lives forever changed… will they find healing in the journey?

Leighton is finally beginning to recover from the loss of her husband. Trying to move forward, she and her daughter move to a new town so she can begin a new job as an occupational therapist. But she never counted on the way her heart would respond to the wounded firefighter who is battling for his own version of recovery.

Brexen was living his dream until a tragic accident ended his firefighting career, leaving him feeling like half the man he used to be. His intriguing new therapist is just as stubborn as he is, and comes with a little girl that wriggles her way into his heart.

Torn between their pasts and their futures, can Leighton and Brexen finally break down their walls for good and realize that together they can be whole again?

This final question will wrap up our interview:

What is your dream writing space and do you have it already?

I would love to have my own office someday. Right now, I usually write on my couch or on my bed, but to have my own space where I create an atmosphere to stir my creativity would be so great! 

IMG_5453Writing under a pen name, K. Leah is a hopeless romantic and adores a good Hallmark movie. Growing up in the South, she likes her tea sweet and coffee strong. Family and faith are what matter most and she wears many hats, including being a wife, mom, and graphic designer. Other than being creative with designs or stories, she likes to spend her free time escaping reality into the pages of a sweet love story.

K. Leah writes clean and wholesome romance. Her books and are hard to put down and often compared to a Hallmark movie. If you are looking for a lighthearted read sure to leave you with all the feels, these books are for you! 

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Thank you for spending time with me today K. Leah! It’s been a pleasure having you on the blog and getting to do this interview with you.

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