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He stands to lose the legacy his family has built. Unless a miracle happens.

Clint Anderson carries around the weight of the world on his shoulders. Most men would have given up, run from their destiny. But Clint can’t. He is both mother and father to his six-year-old son, Ashton. Every time he looks at him, he sees the boy’s mother, who passed away when the child was born.
He would like to give him everything he wants, but how can he? Ashton wants to be a rancher, like his daddy and granddaddy. How can Clint give him that dream when he’s about to lose it all?

She will repay the wrong he has done – any way she can.

Leah Jackson expects this business trip to be filled with difficulties. She knows she’s about to come face to face with the one man she has hated for six years, the man responsible for her beloved cousin’s death. She is determined to rip his heart out and watch him bleed.

Things change. Reality is different from fiction. Leah finds that she needs to make a choice that will alter her life. Clint must decide whether to fight for what he loves or to give in and let God take care of him. On top of that, he must decide whether he can open his heart again and start new.

Will they accept whatever tomorrow may bring?

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Anne Perreault admits that her life has been exciting. She grew up in Germany and was able to travel extensively even as a child. She found out at a young age that she loved making up stories and loved books. When she was fourteen, her family moved to Dubai in the UAE. It was an exciting time, during which she discovered her love for skating. She also decided that she would pursue becoming a vet. If she wasn’t at the rink, skating, she was either riding or training Arabian horses, or taking care of her family’s large number of stray cats, which she brought home. At seventeen she moved to Austria to attend an American boarding school for two years. Upon graduation, she moved to southern England where she attended college for a year and met her husband. The two of them settled near his family in Connecticut after graduation. Anne started a career as horseback riding instructor, which allowed her to be close to the animals she loved. She later became a certified therapeutic riding instructor and helped start a therapeutic riding center in her area. She received her masters in education and started homeschooling her three children. Anne Perreault, her husband and three children now live in southern Vermont where they are building a house, something that has caused much laughter. She still homeschools her youngest son. Anne writes stories about people and their struggle in life. She loves to write how people live with Christ as their Lord through their struggles.

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