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Welcome to 2021!

Hello friend! I’m so glad you are here again, still, always. I love getting to share with you – from my heart, about my life and family, and about other authors I’m meeting as I plunge head first into this writing journey.

I have a real treat for you this January. I’m going to feature a list of authors and they are going to share what 2020 taught them about their writing journey and what their goals for 2021 are.

I hope you meet new to you authors. I hope you learn something new about familiar authors. Most importantly, I hope you learn and grow from what they learned last year and their goals for this year.

I hope 2020 held lessons that you hold dear, and I hope 2021 is full of hope and expectancy as you move into what the Lord is calling you to. He is faithful to accomplish the work He started in you, my friend.

Happy New Year.

Until next time,

1 thought on “Welcome to 2021!”

  1. Regina, this is such a unique blog site. I’ve really enjoyed learning about books and other authors. I appreciate the attention you give to each. Great job. Wishing you a wonderful 2021 and beyond.


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