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Reflect and Resolve with Lila Diller

That time is not my problem. Brainpower is. I allowed all the free education and books that were given away to take my time and focus. And I have limited brainpower these days.

I plan to revise my 2nd draft (making it the 3rd) of #4 in my contemporary Christian romance series. When I send it to beta readers, I will work on tightening the very rough draft of my Bible study on patience I began last November. When I get feedback from my beta readers, I will proofread and publish #4. That’s as far as I’m planning so far, and we’ll see where the Lord leads after that.

When not writing fiction, Lila homeschools her two boys, edits, blogs, connects on social media, bakes for her husband, and pretends her dishes aren’t screaming to be cleaned. She loves the color purple, sushi, dark chocolate, and reading. She believes in truth + hope in Jesus. Connect with her at or

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