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Reflect and Resolve with Anne Perreault

2020 was a tough year in so many different ways. I was forced to sit down in one spot and not go out much. It brought some unexpected blessings in terms of writing. Thus far, my writing process has been this. When I started writing, I had 3 years in which I just wrote and wrote and wrote. I was not distracted by publishing or marketing or anything else. The stories just flowed out of me in rapid succession. And then I started to publish. Instead of writing a full-length novel a month, It now takes me about 2 and a half months to write a new, full-length novel. I’m always editing and marketing. So the books I’m publishing have been written for a long time and when I’m ready to publish, there is a lot to fix. I’ve grown as a writer (so one would hope). So, what worked for me 4 years ago, is like fingernails on a chalkboard now. A lot of times, the books that are published now, have been completely re-written. And then there is the editing, which we have streamlined with the help of the internet. This was the way I did things. Now, 2020. I published the Yellowstone series. Originally, only 2 books had been written. But as my readers started to give me feedback on the first book, I realized that perhaps I needed to add another book to the series. This book was not yet written. I sat down at the end of August and began to make my preparations to write this next book. I wasn’t sure I could do it. My mind was so tangled and unfocused, I had a really hard time to find that quiet and that sweet spot I need for writing. I had a plan to publish 4 books this year. With the third book, the whole plan was thrown into disrepair. September came around, and I knew that if I wanted to publish this book by the end of the year, I needed to get going quickly. Much to my surprise, the usual bumps during the writing process weren’t there. I didn’t suffer from that middle-of-the-book panic… OH NO, WHERE IS THIS GOING? Everything came together easily. The characters were in agreement as to where they were going and were quite compliant. It was a very harmonious time to get together with them and write down their story.My fear that I couldn’t write a story and then publish was still there. But as the edits were made and my beta team commented, I realized that this was another really good book with deep characters and a strong message.So, not just was the world changed in 2020, taught me that I could write and publish in a very short succession. Whatever Tomorrow May Bring released December 31 2020. Then again, I couldn’t do this without the help of an amazing team.

My writing goal for 2021 is to publish one stand alone book published by March, a 2 set series, and another stand alone full-length novel by the end of the year. Currently I’m working on the editing of the stand alone and also writing a Yellowstone Descendants novel.

Whatever Tomorrow May Bring
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Anne Perreault admits that her life has been exciting. She grew up in Germany and was able to travel extensively even as a child. She found out at a young age that she loved making up stories and loved books. When she was fourteen, her family moved to Dubai in the UAE. It was an exciting time, during which she discovered her love for skating. She also decided that she would pursue becoming a vet. If she wasn’t at the rink, skating, she was either riding or training Arabian horses, or taking care of her family’s large number of stray cats, which she brought home. At seventeen she moved to Austria to attend an American boarding school for two years. Upon graduation, she moved to southern England where she attended college for a year and met her husband. The two of them settled near his family in Connecticut after graduation. Anne started a career as horseback riding instructor, which allowed her to be close to the animals she loved. She later became a certified therapeutic riding instructor and helped start a therapeutic riding center in her area. She received her masters in education and started homeschooling her three children. Anne Perreault, her husband and three children now live in southern Vermont where they are building a house, something that has caused much laughter. She still homeschools her youngest son. Anne writes stories about people and their struggle in life. She loves to write how people live with Christ as their Lord through their struggles.

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