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Reflect and Resolve with Marisa Masterson

This past year was beyond busy! In part, I began writing in 2019 as a way to stay active. I’d always wanted to try publishing a book and had time to do that. In 2020, I suddenly had a little baby to care for and a daughter who wasn’t well. In addition, I had plans for 10 novels that would be published in different multi-author series. Nothing could be set aside or ignored.
Out of this I have learned (or relearned) the lesson of that small two-letter word. NO. I love to be a part of things and hate saying that word. Prioritizing became the only way to get through the year and I learned that little breaks away from my routine life allowed me to get things done and recharge. To take those breaks, I had to say no to some things.

For the next year, I am focusing on scheduling and organizing my time. No surprises! Rather than using an electronic planner, I purchased a lovely physical planner I can hold. I’ve started scheduling in my books so both family and I are able to plan around them and still enjoy time together. This is especially important now that I have a busy toddler to chase every day.

Find Marisa Online:

Marisa Masterson and her husband of thirty-two years reside in Saginaw, Michigan. They have two grown children, one son-in-law, a precious new granddaughter, Hunny Bear. 

She is a retired high school English teacher and oversaw a high school writing center in partnership with the local university. In addition, she is a National Writing Project fellow and a regular contributor to both the Sweet Americana Sweethearts and Sweethearts of the West blogs.

Often focusing on her home state of Wisconsin, she writes sweet historical romance. Growing up, she loved hearing stories about her family pioneering in that state. Those stories, in part, are what inspired her to begin writing.

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