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Reflect and Resolve with Tammy Mentzer Brown

This past year had some very amazing moments in writing for me, but mostly in the social networking arena. I had the privilege to meet some genuinely, delightful people like yourself, Regina, and many other fabulous authors and readers too. Thank you for having me today. Readers, please know I truly feel very, very blessed and lucky to have gotten to know several of you and look forward to continuing on that path.

2020 also reminded me that I have always loved a good, clean and humorous, romance novel, but also, I thoroughly enjoy intense Bible Study and the research allowed into it. While not sure of what that means to my writing just yet, I am aware and acknowledging that.

My writing goals for this year are first and foremost to pray more regularly over it, whether actively jotting away or not. I really want to commit to it at the next level. Of course, I only want to continue to follow His lead in the direction that this writing journey takes me on. 

Another goal I have for 2021, is to wrap up the writing on the first sequel of the series, “Retrieving Love” (which, “Retrieving Love: The Subtleness of a Napkin,” comes out in the fall of 2021-date still TBD). The first sequel will more than likely be a look into the life of a supporting character named Georgia. She is the one I have already had tons of positive feedback from several readers who want to know her even more. 

A Teacher’s Prayer -Tammy’s first book, an inspirational, fictional work about her young life and how God used others, to be a light for Him, in her very dark world.

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Always trusting in God’s plans for her life, Tammy has enjoyed living the last sixteen years in the beautiful mountains of Tennessee with Patrick, her husband and best friend of twenty-nine years. To Tammy, he is why she finds it so easy to write romance stories. They have two amazing grown children, Anthony and Lauren, who are both blessings to them and now married themselves. Author of 3 books currently, and two devotionals, Tammy’s hope in her writings is to help readers through discussions and thoughts they may encounter in their own relationship with God. She also attributes her writing as an opportunity to have real and sometimes tough discussions through her characters, which she too hopes can get people to think about how their actions impact one another. She holds a BBA from the University of North Alabama (Florence, AL), and a Master of Art’s in Biblical Studies from Trevecca Nazarene (Nashville, TN). 

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