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Repost: Favorites #1

((Originally posted on Feb. 2, 2011. This memory was so sweet when I found it, I thought I’d share it again. While I have children younger than this sweet boy, his cuddles are still precious to me. And much few and farther between with him nearing fourteen and being so far away at his dad’s.))

I have far too many favorites in this life to list them all in one blog post, but tonight I’m going to list one.

This post is dedicated to my youngest son and his snuggles. It’s 12:40AM, Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. We’ve been snowed in for one day, and what a great day it was. The boys went to bed hours ago. About 15 minutes ago my sweet boy came out into the living room, where his Dad and I are conversing, checking FB, and I’m working on my book.

His Dad asked him to come over to where he is sitting, and my little guy looked at Dad, then me, then Dad, then me, and crawled up on the couch next to me. He is now softly snoring, under my blanket, leaned up against me.

He wakes up every night and searches for me. Whether I’m in my bed, on my computer, awake, or asleep, he looks for me. When he finds me, he snuggles me. I should probably do more to break this habit, but somehow I doubt he’ll be doing it for much longer. If I’m asleep he never wakes me up. Yet, if I wake up and he hasn’t come in to snuggle me, I feel a little bit sad.

This is one of my many favorites in this blessed life. What is one of your favorites?

2 thoughts on “Repost: Favorites #1”

  1. >One of my favorites is when any of my children call me and ask me what would you do in this case? It gives me a sense of security that my children still seek my opinion, even if they don't do what I would do they asked 🙂


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