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Not a Complete Picture

I wrote a novel about a teen girl that gets hooked on meth as she loses the battle of her self-worth. It was a tough book to write, but in fiction it is easy to dress up messy situations. Even more so in the marketing of them.

Pretty images like this wrap up a very messy topic in a nice little package. I almost said I don’t know what it’s like living with an addict, but that’s not true. I do. It isn’t pretty.

I’ve also been the addict. And I know I wasn’t pretty to live with.

This novel touches on the harsh reality of chasing a high and the things people will do, or allow to be done to them, to get their next fix.

But what this novel couldn’t do in a reasonable page count is tell the tale of the years it takes for some people to get sober. And this book didn’t talk about the people who lose their lives getting high, never finding their sober.

I also only nicked the surface of what people that love an addict go through– deciding when to help, when to not, what is enabling, what is healthy. Wondering if or when they will go back to the drugs. Wondering if they are strong enough to not relapse again. Wondering how to survive the news if they do relapse. Wondering if they’ll survive the next high.

Addiction doesn’t only affect the addict. And not every addiction story can be wrapped up this chapter ends. Keep praying. Keep believing. Keep loving.

And if you know someone who is struggling with addiction, there is help. Check with local churches. Call the National Drug Helpline at 1-844-289-0879. Find support for yourself as you love an addict, too. A lot of the resources available are meant to bolster and strengthen you.

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