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A Bluestocking for Brad by Angela Lain

Emerald Templeton was so desperate to escape an unwanted marriage that she stowed away in a rail freight wagon heading west. Mrs. Turner, the owner of an orphanage and a mail-order bride agency, sent her to wed a widowed rancher with three young children. But nothing was as she had been promised.

Bradley Malone was alone. He might own a prosperous ranch, have three children, a sister who cared for them, a good friend who only wanted the best for him, and numerous employees who liked and respected him, but he was alone. Since the death of his wife, he thought of little else.
The arrival of a mail-order bride and a mother for his children was not his idea, and not something he had required.

Everyone else thought it was a wonderful idea. How was he ever going to deal with it?

A Bluestocking for Brad

Book 4 of the Mail-Order Mama Series. Get your copy on Amazon today – read FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

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