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A Baker for Bear by Kimberly Grist

A debutante baker with a stammer.

A compulsive widowed blacksmith with two young daughters.

Will they find a way to coexist or even better, forge a romantic relationship?

Ada Pike longs to leave the life of a socialite and use her skills as a baker to love and nurture a family. A move to the country will perfectly suit her first steps into life on her own.

Barrett “Bear” Montgomery rejects the idea of a mail-order bride. What he needs is a housekeeper—someone he can fire if things don’t work out the way he likes.

Can a matchmaking agency work miracles to bring two people with opposing goals together?

A Baker for Bear

Book 6 of the Mail-Order Mama Series. Get your copy today to find out if Ada gets to fulfill her dream of baking and caring for a family.

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