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A Maid for Mason by ME!!

It’s finally here!! And I am doing the biggest happy dance ever as I celebrate the release of my fourth book, A Maid for Mason.

This is such a sweet historical romance set in the 1800s. You don’t to want to miss it. Available on Amazon in print or ebook format, and also available in Kindle Unlimited.

Mary Ann grew up in New York, as the daughter of an immigrant Irishman and a housemaid. Her coming of age was marked as the day she started work. The young woman of the house where she is employed is full of wild ideas and tries to drag Mary Ann into her schemes. One such scheme finds Mary Ann agreeing to an exchange of letters with a man settling in the west, which makes her imagine something other than the life of a housemaid for the first time.

Widowed at a young age, Mason has been left to care for his son, James, and his land alone. They have enough to get by, but it’s hard to work the land, run the cows, and keep a toddling boy out of trouble. His sister and her husband help where they can, and they keep offering to take his son for a time, but Mason can’t bear the thought of letting the boy go live with them. Love is the last thing on his mind as he tries to figure out how to keep moving forward.

⚠ Hannah, Mason’s sister, doesn’t think her brother should be trying to do everything alone. He won’t listen to her pleas to do something to find a wife, so she takes matters into her own hands. ⚠

Can two people, tricked by a sister with good intentions, find love on the frontier?

A Maid for Mason
(Mail-Order Mama Series Book 13)

If you want to see the other books in the series, you can go here:

It’s been so great working with the other authors and collaborating to bring you this series. I hope you enjoy reading these books as much as we have enjoyed writing them!

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