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Check-In (A day late…)

I’m going to try to check in on Friday each week to talk about what exercise I’ve done, how my eating has been, and whether or not I’ve seen the scale go down. This week my update is coming to you on Saturday because yesterday’s post announced the launch of my fourth book, A Maid for Mason.

Most weeks I will measure, too. But this morning I just didn’t get to it.

In the past week I’ve taken a 2 mile walk with my hubs and the kids, a half mile walk with the kids, done one leg day, and two stretching videos.

The stretching is helping my back. But it is kind of strange. I wake up really tight and stiff in my lower back and hamstrings, even if I stretch before bed. But since I’ve started stretching, that works out a little faster in the morning, and once I get warmed up, if I stretch in the morning, I feel better all day.

I’ve been drinking about a gallon of water every day. I add electrolytes to my water, but they are sugar-free.

My eating… was all over the place. I’d have one good day, or one good meal, and then I’d over-do the next one. I really struggle with food. I struggle choosing the right foods to eat and the right quantities of food to eat. I’m going to keep teaching myself a better way. Tonight before bed, I’m going to make overnight oat cups with just oats, milk, and blueberries. I think maybe starting with a wholesome breakfast will help.

I am down 1.8 lbs this week. I feel like I should be really excited by that, but one of the things that makes weight loss hard for me, at least mentally, is that it comes off slowly. My sister and I talked earlier in the week and we both agree that after a hard workout or a day of eating great we want to go to bed and wake up AT OUR GOAL the next morning.

This is unrealistic. I also think we aren’t alone – that is why there are shelves of “rapid result” products at the store. I’m not taking a product like that. At 1.8 lbs per week, it will take me 63 weeks to reach my goal. I am working on training myself to think long haul, life change, slow and steady.

Thank you for letting me use this space to document and share where I am at and what I am trying to accomplish.

Until next time,

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