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Sweet Summer Romance

I’ve been trying to increase my reading again lately – especially with our school year wrapping up. My kiddos are spending a lot more time jumping on the trampoline and swimming in the horse tank, so I’ve been trying to use that time to read a little more. I have been so focused on writing, but you know, I got into writing because I love reading.

I just read my first ever cozy mystery. Any cozy readers in the house? My imagination went wild with ideas. I never saw myself writing a mystery until I finished that book and now I have several ideas for cozy mysteries.

I’ve also found that I love writing sweet romance stories. First or second chance at love, people bearing their souls to one another and trusting God for what they can’t make happen themselves? There is definitely something magic about writing stories like that.

A Maid for Mason just released and I’m already looking forward to my next release – another sweet romance, this time a contemporary romance. I can’t wait until you meet Jane and Hayden.

Which brings me to the point of this post. I know you love to read, too. So, I’m sharing a whole page of sweet romance* reads with you! Who doesn’t love a sweet romance while enjoying a long weekend, or lazy summer day?

Check out all the fantastic books here: and find your next read today.


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