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A Caregiver for Cash by Annee Jones

A widowed controlling father….a blind but rebellious daughter….can caregiver Eliza Abraham help this family before tragedy occurs?

1890, Illinois.
When she sees an advertisement in the Springfield Tribune for an upstanding, single Christian woman between 18 and 25 years of age for matrimony, housekeeping, and motherhood, Eliza Abraham jumps at the chance for a life she would never otherwise have. Being an only child, and a poor orphan at that, Eliza longs for a family of her own.

When she arrives by stagecoach in Laramie, Wyoming, she discovers that widowed coal miner Cash Jacobs has no intention of marriage whatsoever, despite the best-laid plans of his meddling mother and 10-year-old blind, headstrong daughter Rosemary. Cash agrees, however, that his child could benefit from a caregiver and since Eliza has experience as a nanny, he offers to hire her for the position.

Eliza quickly discovers that Cash’s controlling ways have estranged his young daughter’s affections and begins to wonder which member of the Jacobs family really needs a caregiver?

A Caregiver for Cash
by Annee Jones

This is book 18, and the final installment, of the Mail-Order Mama series. You can find the rest of these charming historical romances on Amazon here:

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