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A (very delayed) health check-in…

Normally, if I fell off the wagon of updating, you could rest assured that meant I fell off the wagon of whatever I was trying to do.

However, that’s not the case this time. On June 1st, I started 75HARD. I was hesitant to post about it because I had some serious fear of failing. And honestly, I had to restart because on day 12, I forgot to read my 10 pages.

75HARD calls for the following every day:

Drink 1 gallon of water
2x 45 min workouts – one MUST be outside
Read 10 pages of non-fiction daily
No Alcohol
No Cheat Meals
Pick a diet and commit to it
Take a progress pic daily

This has been HARD. I’m really proud that I’ve only messed up the reading, though. And I am seeing so much progress in my mentality and my body. I picked to combine Whole30 with my 75HARD because I knew I was dealing with some food related inflammation. I have had days with no energy, moody days, and HIGH ENERGY days.

My chronic pain has gone from a daily 6-7 on the pain scale, to basically non-existent. The little aches or pains I get seem to be exercise related and respond to ice and rest.

I was having daily headaches. They waned around the 5th, and until the 20th, I hadn’t had a single headache. I’m doing more with my kids, I’m going outside more. I’m enjoying life. My asthma is significantly improved. I’m not using my rescue inhaler every day like I had been.

I am no longer afraid of failing. If I miss something on the list, I will simply start my day one over the following day.

I was trying to take too much credit for the food (or give too much to Whole30) because for the first time, eating right has been really easy for me. But honestly, I broke down and told God that I was as addicted to sugar as I had been to meth in the past. Or cigarettes. And He has divinely intervened and kept me on track.

I feel really proud of myself and really humbled by the way God listens to us. I’m also incredibly happy to be healing my body and feeling better. I thought it would take a lot longer to start feeling better. But honestly, I was noticing positive changes within the first few days.

Also, as I’m taking care of myself, I’m finding that it is killing a lot of my doubt and negative self talk. I’m wearing clothes that are cute instead of berating myself for being too fat for cute clothes.

I am grateful, and I will keep checking in and sharing my non-scale victories. This journey isn’t about that number (although it is trending down, which I think is a good sign). This journey is about riding my horse again, playing with my kids, swimming at the lake, and honoring God with my body.

Until next time,

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