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Evading Dr. Hart by Kandice E. Geddes

I startled, nearly falling out of my seat when I saw who walked in through the door. What was he doing here?

Ivy Carroll can’t believe who just entered the doctor’s office instead of her usual dermatologist, a full-on blast from the past, that’s who. And the past is looking hotter than ever. After four years of trying to forget about her former next-door neighbor, the only man she’d ever truly cared for, and the one who also broke her heart into a million pieces, she’s now being thrown into a full head-on collision with him once more. Because as fate would have it, her regular doctor’s out sick, and the man she thought she’d never see again is filling in.

Ivy will do anything to flee the uncomfortable situation, even evading her old neighbor—turned Dr. McDreamy—as to her real reason for visiting the clinic. Hopefully, her purpose for coming in doesn’t turn out to be serious after all.Now if he’d just quit looking at her with those soft brown eyes, and stop trying to unburden his guilt for lying to her years before by relentlessly asking her out now, she could completely move on from him. And her pathetic deflection tactics wouldn’t have to keep growing more far-fetched by the day. But when Ivy finds herself lost and alone in a life-threatening situation, the one man she loves to hate, may be the only one who knows her well enough to find her.

For those who enjoyed Silver Bells Cottage, come along on Ivy’s heartwarming journey of discovering her own sense of home, healing, and love.

** This series is dedicated to our Health Care workers who risk their lives every day to save ours. **

Evading Dr. Hart (Health Care Heroes Book 2)
by Kandice E. Geddes

Available on Amazon/Kindle Unlimited

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