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Capturing Nurse Caitlin by Stacey Haynes

Whom do you save?

Caitlin Langston is happy being a medical-surgical nurse. She is making her mark in the world helping and saving one patient at a time. However, she never dreamed that saving one person would cause a ripple and pull her into immediate danger.

Tyler Patterson is working with the F.B.I. on a human trafficking assignment in San Francisco. He is given an additional assignment to protect a billionaire’s daughter, Caitlin. How can Tyler protect a beautiful woman who doesn’t think she needs protecting and also solve this case?

After Caitlin meets Tyler Patterson, a U.S. Marshall, her normal nursing life will now suddenly become more exciting, in more ways than one. With danger afoot, who needs saving, Caitlin or Tyler?

Capturing Nurse Caitlin by Stacey Haynes
Book 3 in the Health Care Heroes Series
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