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Matchmaking the Midwife by Maddie Evans

Five years after her husband’s death, Ella has a new life, a new career, and a new town. Hartwell, Maine is the perfect place for her to rebuild, and she can see herself happily delivering babies now that she won’t be having a family of her own.

Adam got burned long ago by a woman he should have walked away from. Instead, he’s spent the last twenty years as a single dad to the only woman he’ll ever love: his daughter Piper, who seems to be going down the same road her momma went.

Piper is seven months pregnant, and her fiancé is deployed overseas, so Ella knows this patient is going to require special attention. When Piper takes it into her head to set up her father and her midwife, can even a new baby bring together a woman who’s seen romance at its best, and a man who has only experienced love at its worst?

The Health Care Heroes series highlights different health care workers, each in their own sweet/clean romance! Every book stands alone so you can jump anywhere into the series and read them in any order you like.

Matchmaking the Midwife by Maddie Evans
Book 4 in the Health Care Heroes Series
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