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Saving the Firefighter by Donna K. Weaver

He rescues people from danger. Can she convince him to save himself?

Trace Barton has it all—almost. But great friends and a dream job don’t make up for not having someone to share it with. When an old friend steps back into his life, he’s faced with a decision. Should he try for more and risk losing her friendship?

Brooke Howe’s mother is dead; that’s what her father had told Brooke since she was five. After his funeral, she discovers he’d lied to her, so she goes in search of the woman. Brooke is looking for answers, not love. When she meets Trace again she realizes she might have found both. 

Except there’s something wrong with him, and he refuses to get help. Could she have found him only to lose him?

Each novella stands alone, so you can jump anywhere into the series and read them in any order you like! Meet your new favorite health care heroes today.

Saving the Firefighter by Donna K. Weaver
Book 5 of the Health Care Heroes Series
Get your copy today!

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