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A Christmas Coat for Abigail by Angela Lain

Miss Abigail Baraquin became a Mail-Order Bride to escape the threat of life in a bordello. After such a delightful exchange of letters, she never expected her prospective husband to be a drunken liar, nor did she expect a total stranger to step in and marry her.

Mr. David Ferguson was the black sheep of the family, prone to making rash decisions. He came home to Jessop Creek, Wyoming to reveal to his family how he had turned his life around. On arrival, he rescued a beautiful young woman from a terrible mistake, because that was what a good man should do. Marrying her was a spur-of-the-moment decision. He gave little thought as to what it would mean for a future together.

The die had been cast, as the weather closed in and Christmas approached, they had to make this work, somehow.

A Christmas Coat for Abigail
Mail-Order Brides’ First Christmas
Book One

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