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A Christmas Hope for Regina by Patricia PacJac Carroll

Secrets and scars gave him a stony heart.
All she has left is hope, and Christmas is on the way.

Collins had answered the letter and left her home in Missouri to make her way to the mountains of Colorado. That was in April. She’d come full of hope with the expectation of starting a new life. But her life in Colorado didn’t look much different than the one she’d left.

Sam Morgan needed a wife to help care for his five-year-old son. He married Regina just like he’d said he would, but if Regina thought he’d be the loving husband, she was mistaken. He’d provide for her, give her children, and protect her. But he wasn’t giving her his heart.

A Christmas Hope for Regina by Patricia PacJac Carroll
Mail-Order Brides’ First Christmas
Book Four

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

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