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A Christmas Kiss for Kate by Wren McCready

From Chicago’s crowded slums to the bright Wyoming prairie…

Tortured with guilt over his first wife’s death, Chase Mayer closed his heart, leaving only a little room for his daughter Pearl. But Pearl is growing up, and even though Chase can’t imagine marrying for love, he knows Pearl needs a mother — even if it means buying a newspaper ad to find one.

Kate Doyle gave up any hope of having a family of her own when her mother died. When Kate’s brother plays matchmaker, she finds herself agreeing to marry a stranger. The expansive Wyoming Territory couldn’t be more different from her rough Chicago neighborhood, and the hardworking, generous Chase couldn’t be more different from her abusive father.

Despite a fresh start, the wounds of their past aren’t easily forgotten. Kate and Chase struggle to bring their two fragmented families together during the Christmas holiday and discover the healing power of love along the way.

A Christmas Kiss for Kate
by Wren McCready

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