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Dating the Director by Jenny Rabe and Priscilla Flake

When Director of Nurses, Zach, finds out his unrequited love is a patient in his hospital and needs a kidney, a quick test confirms he’s a match. He let her leave his life once, and he’s determined not to let it happen again. All he needs to do now is convince the woman he loves to allow him to save her life.

For Michelle, coming back to Massachusetts feels like coming home to die. Without a job, family, or functioning kidneys and no donor in sight, her future looks grim. Just as she’s ready to accept the end-of-life options, Zach, an old friend from medical school, reenters her life, offering a glimmer of hope. But he offers more than just life, he offers love, if she’s brave enough to accept it.

Grab your copy of book 10 of the Health Care Heroes series today!

Dating the Director
by Jenny Rabe and Priscilla Flake

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