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Betting on the Physician by Meg Atwood

One week. That’s all he has or his dreams go up in smoke.

In one day, Jemma Prescott’s world implodes. She lost her career. Her boyfriend. And when her Grams calls acting anything but normal, it’s the perfect excuse to pack up her life to return home to care for her Grams and avoid charming men with ulterior motives.

Getting a date has never been an issue for Doctor Liam Hawking. His trouble now is coming up with the money to buy his dream of a solo practice. When a bet between his famous brothers and wealthy grandmother offers the solution to his financial dilemma, he takes it. How hard can it be to get a woman to fall for him, in one week, without knowing his profession?

Harder than he thought. But when his elderly neighbor demands that he keeps his profession a secret from her—beautiful—visiting granddaughter, he thinks the bet is his. Only Jemma wants nothing to do with him.

Sparks fly between the two as fate—or matchmaking grandmas—continually bring the two of them together, and the lines start to blur between what’s real and pretend.

Now, it’s not only Liam’s dream on the line but his heart also.

Get your copy today! Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Betting on the Physician
by Meg Atwood

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