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A Christmas Magic for Merritt by Lorah Jaiyn

When Merritt Rinehart is caught in a questionable situation in a brothel, no one will believe she’s only there to rescue her wretched sister. With her reputation in shambles and no other way out, she answers the first mail-order bride ad she can find.

When she arrives at the large homestead owned by wealthy rancher Warren Kincade, he’s nowhere to be found. Merritt soon learns that Warren knows nothing about the ad, but his grandmother was sick of his playboy ways and wanted her young granddaughter to have a mother for Christmas.

But when Warren returns home betrothed to a totally despicable woman, Merritt is charged with the task of saving him from his own mistakes. But when the woman discovers Merritt’s sordid secret, things get messy. Can Merritt make Warren believe that she was not a soiled dove? And can she save herself and a little girl from forever losing the magic of the season?

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A Christmas Magic for Merritt
by Lorah Jaiyn
Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

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