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Pursuing the Paramedic by ME!

I had so much fun writing this story. It really pulled at my heartstrings as Megan and Ben told me their stories. I’m sure it sounds a little wacky when I say it like that, but honestly, my characters come to me with so much to unpack.

Sobriety matters to me because I, too, was once an addict. I was pulled from the throes of addiction by the grace and love of Jesus. My life has never been the same since He saved me. Weaving such triumph into my stories is a blessing and I thank the God in heaven above for bringing me here, to these pages, to these stories.

Megan left Double Creek fifteen years ago, after getting clean and sober. A small town was a hard place to escape who she used to be. For fifteen years, she served as a paramedic in Austin. With trepidation, and a secret she’s never shared, she returns to her small Oklahoma hometown to take care of her mom. Relapsing doesn’t worry Megan, but digging up the past scares her enough to make her re-think coming back to Double Creek.

Ben’s been living his life as though the past doesn’t matter, but the truth is, he thinks about it every day. Finally living his life free from drugs and alcohol, Ben tries to build the life he wants, despite having a failed marriage and more mistakes than he can count under his belt. Seeing Megan at his mom’s house is a surprise. Can his heart handle her showing up again and again? Will Megan stay in Double Creek for her mom? Will Ben and Megan forgive each other for their past mistakes?

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Pursuing the Paramedic
by Regina Walker
Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

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