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Good Horse, Bad Color is now available!

I started a new job, outside the home, outside of authorship. I’m the assistant store manager at our local Dollar General. Let me tell you what… I prayed for a miracle, and God came through. Even as I bask in the joy of answered prayers, my body is screaming at me over the change.

More than once I thought I’d have to push back the release of Good Horse, Bad Color. BUT GOD! And good friends. We pulled it off.

You can get your copy on Amazon today! Paperback or Kindle available.

You all rallied to support Saved by an Accident and my hope to help rescued horses. Good Horse, Bad Color is another hope-to-help project. Zoe and I have decided to donate all of the proceeds to Hope Retreat Ranch.

You can read about their mission and what they do here: and follow them on Facebook here:

Working with Zoe to bring her story to life was such a blessing for me. I love her conviction, strength, and humility. She really dodges the spotlight, believes in doing the right thing, and contributes positively to her community.

Pictured above: Zoe and Sam being silly together. This girl might work her tail off, but she knows how to have fun, too!

Until next time,

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