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Pursuing the Paramedic by ME!

I had so much fun writing this story. It really pulled at my heartstrings as Megan and Ben told me their stories. I'm sure it sounds a little wacky when I say it like that, but honestly, my characters come to me with so much to unpack. Sobriety matters to me because I, too, was… Continue reading Pursuing the Paramedic by ME!

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Bidding on the Fireman by C.K. Johnson

He wants all her dreams to come true. She doesn't want to be the reason his don't. Can they find their happily ever after or will their relationship go up in flames? Jackson Reilly is used to women using him as a stepping stone. It happens when you're best friends are millionaires. But when Leah… Continue reading Bidding on the Fireman by C.K. Johnson