A Christmas Comfort for Elsie

A Christmas Comfort for Elsie
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Orphaned at just one-year-old, with her newborn sister, Elsie has grown up scrubbing and cleaning the orphanage for room and board. Her eighteenth birthday comes with the shocking announcement she has a husband waiting and she must board the train at once to go meet him.

The headmistress insists on sending Elsie away without allowing her to bid her sister, Eleanor, farewell. Riding the train to Colorado, Elsie’s stomach is in knots, and she wonders what will happen to her sister.

Dr. Clark has had his nose in books ever since he could read. Helping the sick and the injured has been his passion, and it has held his focus over finding a wife or creating a family. In the booming Georgetown, Colorado, there are plenty of miners, but there are few marital prospects for the good doctor. When Elsie shows up, he does not know why she’s come to be his bride, since he specifically told his nephew to find him an assistant for his medical practice.

Will the pulse of love beat between the doctor and Elsie, or will she run away to find her sister?